Our Vision

A prosperous Panamapattu with an awaken community.

Our Mission

To build prosperous Panamapattu with community adopting decent and high standard living consists in skill, creative and well-being in the fabric of freedom, safety and fascination by managing all the resources of the division optimally complying with good governance mechanism leading to sustainable development.    

History of Lahugala Divisional Secretariat

Each an every inch of the Sri Lankan land is having a historical importance.The ruins that are laid in the Lahugala division proves it well.According to the historical discoveries it reveals that most of these ruins belong to the royal family of the king Mahanaga.

Role performed at DS

Name Designation From To
Mr.Piyadasa Divisional Revenue Officer 1972  1974
Mr.H.A.Ariyadasa Divisional Revenue Officer 1974 1976
Mr.Srilal Samarasekara Assistant Government Agent 1977 1983
Mr.Sarath Silva Assistant Government Agent 1983 1985
Mr.Ariyarathne Edirisinghe Assistant Government Agent 1985 1989
Mr.Kalansooriya Upasena Assistant Government Agent 1989 1990
Mr.Asanka Abeywardene Assistant Government Agent 1992 1993
Mr.B.K.Somapala Assistant Government Agent 1993 1994
Mr.W.P.Wijerathne Assistant Government Agent 1994 1995
Mr.Ravindra Divisional Secretary 1995 1997
Mr.Asanka Abeywardene Divisional Secretary 1997 2000
Mrs.Geetha Indrani Divisional Secretary 2000 2004
Mr.G.L.Ariyadasa Divisional Secretary 2004 2009
Mr.L.A.Somarathne Divisional Secretary 2009 2017
Mr.Sandaruwan Anuruddha Divisional Secretary 2017 Present

News & Events

Account's Monthly Progress Meeting of District Secretariat

Account's Monthly Progress Meeting of District Secretariat

Account's Progress Meeting was held on 2020.02.03...



National  Tree Planting Program 2020    ...

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